Now i have been told that anything is possible. That no dream is too big. That, opportunities are endless. 
My struggle has been to transition these statements from inspiring, well intended, "push-starts", into tangible results.
Like, how can i make sure these motivational words of encouragement don't go in vain?
My partner told me today that i gotta let this train of thought go. That i need to meditate and find me. Because trying to stand up to unspoken standards of my peers will be an endless fight. 

Whats funny about time is that its an invisible restraint we put on ourselves to accomplish certain task.
on the flip side, a clock,in terms of TIMING is synonymous to a roulette table.  Some times the ball lands perfectly in a space that is beneficial to our circumstances.
Today these words spoken to me landed in my favor on the roulette table of TIMING. 

Today marks day one of a marketing campaign i have designed to differentiate myself as an artist and as a human being in the endless sea of souls at the table we call the MUSIC INDUSTRY..
In the first years of chasing this rap dream, i was convinced that the equation for success was to, at a basic level, copy what is already successful. Which alone, works. But only for so long and only at one angle. I have determined that the equation is far more complex at its root but over all produces a simple factor. That factor being, originality. People no more want a replica of designer shoes, than they do a replica story from a replicated persona. 

Me, Ezra Millz, im a writer, a word smith. You will get intellectual content, clever punchlines, and thought out word PORN in my blogs and my music!! its beautiful art, its digital architecture! its a million times trill!
Thanks for reading, thanks for listening.
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