No Sick Days (A more recent story) Podcast

The Date Was December 12th 2015, Location was Lamesa Country Club. Event was Loets Dirty 30 Bday Bash/Concert with GT Garza headlining! 

Ill start by saying that i met GT Garza about a year prior at a show in Lubbock. We chopped it up for a long time, he put me on game, and was just over all a humble and passionate rapper! His energy was remarkable and i definitely knew i would have to share the stage with him one day! (To be noted, I was blessed enough to go on a whole tour with him, but that's for another day, another blog, OR maybe a radio interview?? HINT HINT @BrennenCole)
Any way, back to the story at hand, so I was Asked by my good homie Jay9, to perform with him the night of the event. We had been cooking up some ideas, songs, movies, whatever you want to call it we was up to something. So having the work ethic i have, i said yea ill be there! 

By the way you can go to his website and download the piece of art we made together called, "I Don't Care" it is on his second project, "Nueve" and was premiered on Beat 104.9's Make it or Break it segment.


Long story short, Day of the show i wake up with 100+ fever, sore throat i could hardly get a word out, sweating yet cold as hell! Just a nightmare of circumstances. I had to ask my brother to drive me to lamesa for the show, but you know how us pros reply, "AnyThing For The Dream Tho"

So we on our way down i27 and i can just tell its gonna be a long night, i cant pay attention for shit, i cant get in the groove of things and i didn't have NEARLY as much energy as a hype man should! But i just knew i had to share that stage with GT, it was my definition of a breakthrough moment, you know "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going" type shit. 

Till this day i extend my apologies to the homie Jay Nueve! But he a real one tho cause he kept inviting me to do more shows with him! Big Ups My Dawg! Gratitude!

So to be honest i don't even remember the events that led up to the performance, but i do remember being on stage just zoned out. All i could hear was my words, it was the longest 15-20 min of my life, i was cold but drenched in sweat, i hoped to remembered the words to the song! The crowd was looking at me like i was going to die up there haha.
After our set i just couldn't take it, i went to the car, and crashed out!
Fawk I missed it, i was going to chop it up with GT again and gain his support and soak up some more game! Just wasn't in the cards for me at least that time. 
As mentioned before i did finally get a chance to take notes from the Successful Machine Operator from La Maquina, Along with plenty others from whom i have plenty stories, advice, and motivation from! Guess it pays to take no days off, not even sick days!
Thanks for reading and Listening todays track is going to be Featured from Jay9s Nuve Album yall go get that tho.

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