AnyThing For The Dream tho!  Podcast

So today i have been thinking about the new project that has been under way since January 2016.
When i think about all that has taken place to make each song come together and all the hurdles and obstacles that have been and that are to be Overcome, I am reminded of every stride taken just to complete Art Of A Dream (Down Load NOW by the way). 
I am proud of the finished product, i am wowed by my teams efforts and commitment.  I am still very blown away by every second of audio!


I'll start with "Love Again".  I wrote this song in my work truck driving around town singing aloud to myself wondering who i could possibly get to sing the hook. Being out of the game for so long i didn't have many connections and a small network of artist in my contact list. 
At the time i didnt even have a place to record!
As fate would have it, my good friend Josh Stone called me over to hear some beats and ideas he had been working on himself. And just like any legendary moment, it was the LAST beat he played for me, and he wasn't even sure about it! So like any true artist we got to work! At the wee hours of the night we put the verses down but still faced the issue of who to sing the hook! Phone call after phone call and to no avail! So naturally i said F**k it! I'll do it!! and like magic it was done and in my opinion its gravy as F**k! 

same with "Wedding Ring", i had the idea but not all the words where written, during a one hour lunch break i stopped by my brother LSDukes house and said bro i gotta try this song, and in what it seems like no effort at all the whole song was recorded in just one hour!! 

"I dunno" and "Established" were freestyles i recorded in a cold room in a halfway built house i now call home! 
"SameThing" was recorded in a garage where i literally hung sound panels from the ceiling rafters by bungee cords!

My team has a saying coined by LSDuke, "Anything for the dream tho!" and this my friends is the embodiment of that phrase! We get it how we can and we make it happen! 

We have recorded songs in hotel rooms, a trailer house dubbed "the trap",kitchens, bathrooms, closets, i mean anytime the mood stikes we do anything for the dream tho! 

Get prepared for TrillMillion. its got tones of energy and a whole lot of passion! 

thanks for tuning into the #GiantMindOfMillz. God bless and remember you got what it takes! Just take and USE what you got!
  1. Love Again

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