A Cheap Education. Podcast

We used to live on a dead end off Burnet Road and Polaris ave in North Austin.
That corner duplex was lit all the time! I remember this place because this is where my love for music was born! 
It was a four corner two story duplex.
Directly behind us there was an African american family, the father would jam out to the likes of The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and the Isley Brothers.  I remember this old man always drinking a Colt45 and singing along to these classics while we played Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis in the upstairs bedroom.
Next door, a Mexican family, whom are actually still friends to this day. Chirstophers' mom would drive us to school sometimes and we would all have to repeat the Lords Prayer. I feel like this is a staple in my life to remind me that every place you find yourself at in life is is for a reason and has purpose. An omen.
Catty-corner from us was a carousel of tenants, seemed like every time we turned around a new family moved in. A family with  a couple daughters. The dad taught us how to play marbles in the dirt, that shit was mad lit as kids tho! 
A White family whose son was bad as hell and would always get us in trouble.
But, the most memorable was Alexis and her daddy. He used to park across the street and wash his truck in the big empty car lot on the weekends.
I would walk over and ask a hundred questions about the truck, and a million questions about the music. 
Till this day i recall the playlist ranging from Biggy smalls to Micheal Jackson. He put me on game and i been on every since!

Im Going to wrap this up with a story of how i bought my first hip hop albums.

So back in the 90s we used to receive adds in the mail that sold records on payment plans, you could literally order 5 CDs for 1 cent and send a monthly payment to pay them off! 
I guess the school system in Austin was legit because I think I pretty well understood how to finesse the record company to send a 6 year old kid 5 CDs for one red ass penny!! haha! 
Long story Short, a week later i get a package in the mail with a Will smith and Dj Jazzy Fresh album, Big Pun Capital Punishment, 2pac All Eyes on me, Puff daddy and the family no way out, and The Notorious BIG Life after Death! Class was in session, and i had the best professors a young hip-hop enthusiast could ask for! Oh, and believe me, this was just the beginning of a collection well into the hundreds of albums between my brothers and I!

Also in that duplex, my mom and uncle gifted me with an Usher "My Way" CD. That Joint got major rotation at my crib!

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